Thursday, December 11, 2008


Welcome to my little blog on the Internet - a place to come apart, rest awhile (Mark 6:31) and enjoy conversation, sharing, spirituality and more. This is the new location of a blog I had previously published at LiveJournal. Many of the posts are reflections I have given at communion services at St. William of York Church, the parish where I work.

I want this to be a place that is non-confrontational, a place where people can share what's in their hearts, look for help, and feel safe. I love exploring the things that touch us spiritually. Not just scripture, and liturgy, which are wonderful. But also books and movies and television and music and the Internet and all the things we encounter every day.

I am a youth minister by vocation, but spent nearly 25 years working in the film and television industry. I am a convert to Catholicism, grew up in a home that promoted Protestant fundamentalist values (not necessarily a bad thing) and currently work very closely with pastoral leaders of many faith practices through an ecumenical clergy collegium. My brother is a Baptist minister, and my father often preaches and helps lead services in the Methodist church I grew up in. I have a rich faith tradition in my life and many experiences across the board in areas of spirituality, conflict resolution, ecumenism, social justice, and crisis intervention (among others). I am always willing to share, and always feel I have much to learn from others.

So again, welcome. Put up your feet, relax, and I hope you find something here that speaks to you...

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