Friday, October 9, 2009

Making Mountains Out of Molehills - Youth Ministry on a Budget

I've had a long career - both in and out of ministry - that has had as one of it's requirements that I make mountains out of molehills. Specifically, working with little or no budget with an expectation of returning results - BIG results. Maximizing available resources has become an art form for me.

In my recent presentation at the Archdiocese of Baltimore Institute I discussed the "Five Steps to Failure: Understanding (and Avoiding) the Biggest Mistakes of Youth Ministry" that were written about in a recent Youthworker Journal article. I also discussed my experiences with a variety of strategies and resources to creatively utilize and stretch the assets we have available to us.

Following are a few of my favorite resources on the Internet that I use in my ministry to young people. A small disclaimer - not all of these sites are Catholic or faith-based, and you should always use discernment (and caution) when preparing to use ANY resource.

Websites with free resources:

Camp Games

Common Sense Media

Dramatic Parables that Teach the Gospel

EGAD! Ideas

Family Based Youth Ministry

FILM - Finding Inspiration in Literature and Movies

Finding God Activity Finder

Group Energizer Ideas

Icebreakers & Energizers

Improv Encyclopedia

Massive Games / Icebreaker List

Pastor 2 Youth Free Resources

Reflections Activities

The Source for Youth Ministry

Youth Specialties Free Resources Freebie Library

Blogs with Ideas, Information and Inspiration:

Catechist's Journey

Catholic Youth Ministry Blog

Insight - reflections and resources on christian youth ministry

Jesus Goes to Disney World

Rethinking Youth Ministry


This list is by no mean all-inclusive. There are literally thousands of good resources out there. These just happen to be some of my favorites. If you come across something you like, share the link with me - I'd love to check it out!

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